'No Sense' - Baby Keem: Track Spotlight

Ibraham Jobe reviews the latest music video from Baby Keem

Ibraham Jobe
5th May 2021
The songs start with a mid-slow-paced beat in the first 11 seconds as it draws the audience's attention to the inner workings of the track.

In refrain one and verse one the lyrics seem laid back as if the rapper does not care at all, however, this is effective since it depicts a sign of vulnerability, and that his voice and his pace of rapping flowed with the slowed pace beat-matching the piano playing in the background. His vocal expression is soothingly calm, it gives the impression of a conversation welcoming the audience to listen to him musically transitioning from singing to rapping between verses. 

The music video starts with a tracking shot slowly displaying buildings while the beat is introduced. This transcends showing the rapper at a long-distance far from the camera gaze, but demonstrates a sign of emptiness being the only person inside the building.  looking through the window as if he is trapped or stuck.  The camera displayed a point-of-view shot of the rapper’s gaze staring outside from the window where people were running fearlessly outside while he was implicitly trapped inside the building and as he still stood at the window. Visually an extreme close-up shot focused on the rapper's left eye.  He teleported to a different dimension that showed groups of girls sat on a table.  The girl’s attention was fully concentrated on the board game while Baby Keem was stood in front of them staring. However, his presence was not acknowledged in the slightest.  In a sense, it felt as if he was a ghost.

This is structured well with verse two my favourite part of the song where the tempo switched from being just melodic to accumulating both Baby Keem rapping and singing vocal. As the beat transformed from slow to an upbeat tempo.  The effect of this complimented well with the music video hence the montage welcomes the audience to make their own interpretation about the correlation between the rapper and the group of girls as the camera transition between the two scenes.  The montage did not give up much it was mysterious hence adds to the fast-paced switch-up tempo from verse 2 onwards.

Suddenly, the visuals display Baby Keem at a car park searching for something.  He then broke into a car and drove off looking confused, with the camera displayed a high angle shot that showed Baby Keem's car driving in circles. It reflected, back to the very first visuals of rapper, trapped in the building while people ran for their lives as the city collapsed.  Driving in circles connotes being trapped mapping the lyrics and most importantly fit perfectly with the song title 'No Sense' since as the video was very abstract there so much going on that the audience did not understand however at the end, the car crash from the top building and the car dropped on the ground.

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