Note to Self: What beauty means to me

Life and Style editor Nimra Rafique tells us how she believes beauty is about striving to be the best version of yourself, and how influencer Nabela Noor embodies her beliefs of what beauty is all about.

Nimra Rafique
29th November 2019
Instagram: @morganharpernichols

Diversity, self-love, kindness. These are just a few things that come to mind when I think of beauty. It’s about acceptance, of yourself and of others.

A note to a younger me would be not to be too hard on myself, and that beauty is as much internal than it is external, if not more so. I think this is something I still have to remind myself often. But with the increasing amount of diversity in the world today, particularly in the beauty industry, it leads to increased inclusivity, representation and ultimately more appreciation for others and yourself.

Nabela Noor is an influencer who advocates and embodies what I think beauty is all about, which is self-love, body positivity and confidence. As a plus-size, Muslim, woman of colour, she uses her platform to stand up for those who are underrepresented, and encourages conversations about the real and raw depth of beauty.

So to put it simply, beauty to me is about striving to be your best self, and learning to love and appreciate who you truly are, as well as those around us.

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