NUFS #BreaktheStigma Fashion Show 2018

The Fashion Society fashion show review by Melissa Gandhi

Melissa Gandhi
21st May 2018
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On Saturday 4th May, NUFS hosted a stunning event at the Boiler House, showcasing collections which #breaksthestigma. This wonderful event was the first ever fashion show organised by our very own Newcastle University Fashion Society.

From the delicious canapes to versatile fashion collections and not to mention the stunning models, this was an event that couldn’t be missed and a stellar addition to the events calendar at Newcastle. The Newcastle Fashion Society teamed up with various brands and collections which aimed to celebrate community and confidence.

Khaleel Shazada; President of the Newcastle Fashion society mentioned: “fashion is an art form of culture and this show is all about representing community, creativity and confidence”.

They certainly showcased their ideas off tremendously well! The fashion society also collaborated with eco-friendly fashion brands and jewellery stalls which were available for guests to buy during the intermission at great student prices. I met some of the stall owners, who displayed collections using bamboo clothing materials, handmade jewellery made out of sterling silver as well as oil infused bracelets, and high-street denim wear at really cheap prices.

All their hard work definitely paid off, the show featured 8 amazing collections with AV presentations which lifted the whole show. Brands such as the Yesterday Society (specialising in vintage clothes based in Grainger Market), Fash1, Zero Waste Collection, Trendlistr and Laurel (an upcoming designer collection) all looked amazing and were hugely appreciated by the audience.

Of course one of the most intriguing and exciting moments of the show was the NUFS collection; a denim collection made by our very own fashion society students. Their motivation for the collection was to break traditions of denim and use it as a creative way to define versatility. It was a great way to break away from the norm of jackets and jeans and use this material in a way that highlights confidence and comfort.

The highlight of the evening had to be the spectacular international collection, celebrating a variety of cultures and styles that broke down cultural barriers by being presented together, as a celebration of unity. It just goes to show how versatility is key and it was one of my favourite catwalks. The finale was something I was waiting for and A.W.R. (Always Wear Red), a British clothing brand, filled the room with excitement with their creative, minimalist style with flashes of colour. AWR creates clothes which generate feelings of comfort, perfect for giving a little edge to your style.

It was clear to see how much time and effort went into creating these looks and styles and I want to give a special thanks to all the staff, crew, models and society members, who offered an experience which will be remembered for sure. Hard work really does pay off and #breakthestigma was a great way to educate the audience that fashion is an art, which can be expressed in many different ways for furthering some great causes.

If you are interested in joining the fashion society next year, they have so many opportunities for you to broaden your passion for fashion. They aim to provide;

  • Illustration lessons
  • Blogging and editorial opportunities
  • Modelling opportunities
  • Photography experience
  • Guest speakers
  • Great socials
  • Sewing and pattern making lessons

This show was definitely a night to remember, so what a better way to get involved and be a part of this creation. For me especially, I hope to join the Fashion Society next year and I hope it sparks a desire in me to create something as spectacular as the #breakthestigma fashion show.

P.S.: Shout-out for Khaleel and Annie (President and Vice President) and all the committee staff at NUFS – they were great hosts for the evening and hopefully they can host many fashion shows to come.

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