NUNC thirds stay top

NUNC thirds stay top of the league after narrow win

23rd November 2015

In another week of mixed results for Newcastle's Netball Club, the 3rd team stayed top with a win over Sheffield, whilst the 1st team were unlucky to lose against Manchester.

NUNC 1sts 37 - 47 Manchester 1sts

Newcastle started strong as they stepped up against Manchester. The team immediately got into a good rhythm down the court as goal attack Hollie Joyce moved well on the centre passes working the ball down the court and safely into our net. This great play combined with her teams support meant that Newcastle took an early lead, finishing the first quarter up by three goals.

After some switches in centre court the team continued to dominate thanks to the interceptions and strong drives made by Jay Robinson at wing defence. Whilst the gap had closed, Newcastle were still ahead going into the second half and were making every effort to keep it that way. In the third quarter Manchester’s attack stepped up their game but goal defence Emily Hollingworth rose to the challenge making constant steals and keeping her team’s positive momentum going. But unfortunately Newcastle began to make small errors which lost them crucial points giving the opposition a one goal lead.

Despite Newcastle’s incredible performance and teamwork, they continued to make small errors which allowed Manchester to increase their lead. Despite the loss the team came away feeling positive about their game and determined to ensure that next week they give the same valiant effort and come home with a win.

NUNC 2nds 23 - 44 Leeds 1sts

After the last game against Leeds, the current leaders of the league, Newcastle were apprehensive about their match. But after an enthusiastic team talk Newcastle were ready to rise to the occasion. They began well with Caroline Glenn at goal defence holding her attacker out of the D and winning every rebound. Newcastle managed to stay level with Leeds and were beginning to be more confident in their own performance. Leading up to half time, Newcastle continued to fight for each ball and stay close to every Leeds player, especially Frankee Bonnett who marked her player practically out of the game.

At half time the defence continued to play well and kept the teams spirits high but unfortunately the attack began to fall behind Leeds’ super league defenders. Newcastle kept fighting but Leeds began to pull away and despite their best efforts they were unable to bring the game back. Although the second half of the match didn’t go as the team had planned, the first two quarters were very promising and demonstrated the players true talent.

Sheffield 2nds 28 - 29 NUNC 3rds

Another solid performance from the third team as they took on the overly aggressive team from Sheffield but Newcastle stood strong against the jabbing elbows and shoving. Olivia Dale played outstandingly at goal keeper as she held her shooter in place and applied pressure to the attack. Her great play gave the team turnovers which allowed them to establish a solid lead. The team continued to play well with Chloe Marshall at centre as she moved well throughout the court and supported her team therefore allowing Newcastle to stay ahead.

The second half remained strong as Ellie Rutter at goal attack was pivotal at leading the team and creating space on court. But in the last fifteen minutes Sheffield began to become even more aggressive stealing back goals and before Newcastle new it there was only one goal in it. But the team persevered, kept their spirits high and performed a high quality level of netball until the final whistle blew. Once again, a great performance from the team.

NUNC 4ths 26 - 27 Durham 3rds

It was a fierce first quarter for Newcastle as they instantly won their first centre with ease. The whole team applied pressure to the opposition forcing them to make errors. Durham began to pull away but Newcastle managed to bring it back to 8-8 due to the outstanding play from Scarlett Shaw at goal shooter. Newcastle kept their fighting spirit in the 2nd quarter as Ella Peartree stayed close to her attacker and intercepted pass after pass.

The score was even for a while but the team pulled together and managed to increase their lead by four goals with five minutes left in the quarter. But Durham picked up their game as well and managed to sneak up on Newcastle bringing the score back to 16-15. In the second half Newcastle were determined to maintain their lead and secure their second win of the season.

After some changes in defence by moving Nadia Herhoffer to goal defence and Ella Peartree back to gaol keeper, the team managed to pull ahead thanks to the two girls great communication and defensive skill. But as the final fifteen minutes played out both teams fought hard for every ball and Durham unfortunately won the game by a single goal in the last few seconds. After an intense game the team came off the court feeling proud of their performance despite not taking the victory this week.

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