NUNC "walk, cycle and run" 2950km to support Newcastle graduates

Newcastle's own Netball Club engage in 2,950km run, walk and cycle to support student responders.

Tom Moorcroft
21st April 2020
In a string of fundraising events occurring throughout Newcastle Universities many clubs and societies, the NUNC (Newcastle University Netball Club) have pledged to run, cycle or walk 2950km over three weeks, in support of the 295 Newcastle Medical School students who have graduated early to help fight COVID-19.

All the money raised will be given to the National Emergencies Trust, who are helping areas all across the nation to help combat the effects of the disease.

NUNC President Katy Matthews said: "We are so proud and inspired by our 295 peers who have graduated early to join the fight against COVID-19. We wanted to do something to help in any way we could, whilst maintaining our social distance and well-being during this time, so NUNC collectively have decided to run 10k for each one of our amazing graduates! We are raising money for the national emergencies trust who are an incredible charity working across the UK to help anyone in need in these unprecedented times."

We are so proud and inspired by our 295 peers who have graduated early to join the fight against COVID-19

Katy Matthews, President of NUNC

Their treasurer, Amy Bower, added:
"All the NUNC girls have been so eager to get involved and play their part. Within the first 24 hours we reached our initial fundraising goal of £250, which is incredible, and we can only hope this amount continues to rise. Amidst this extreme situation there has been some wonderful community spirit which not only helps supports our chosen charity, but helps to keep morale high."

NUNC hope to bring the positive attitude pictured above to their fundraising efforts
Source: Bethan Oates

At the time of publication, they’ve received £401 (£151 more than their target of £250). If anyone reading would like to contribute, to help tackle the COVID-19 crisis, then any donations can be made by clicking here!

A huge thank you to the NUNC team. You make Newcastle proud!

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AUTHOR: Tom Moorcroft
Head of Sport for The Courier. Current 3rd year English Literature and History student. Love writing about sports/music, playing the guitar and Everton FC!

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