NUSU outlines roadmap for the return of in-person sport

Newcastle University Student Union has outlined the schedule for the return of in-person sport at the university

Andrew White
31st March 2021
Source: Newcastle University Students Union
Have you been missing the gym or playing 5 a side with your mates? Worry no longer. The return of in-person sport is finally here!

Yesterday, NUSU outlined the roadmap for the return of in-person sport at Newcastle University, and here are the key dates to note in your diary

March 29th*: Clubs that have members staying at Newcastle University are allowed to use outdoor facilities. This includes Give it Go activities and campus leagues, so get those shin pads and football boots ready.

26th April*: This includes the opening of all indoor sporting facilities. Feeling unhealthy after lockdown? We have great news. All sports facilities, including the gym, will be free until the end of term! So you and your housemates can enjoy a group workout or a kickabout without having to worry about your student loan. The 26th April will also see the return of all outdoor Athletic Union clubs and Intra Mural clubs at the university.

17th May*: May will see the return of Athletic Union clubs indoors and the return of fitness classes. So if you fancy some yoga, Zumba, or even trying your hand at spin classes - get yourself down to Newcastle University Sports centre.

Phew! The return to play is finally here.

*All dates are the earliest dates allowed and are subject to change in line with government guidlines.

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