NUSU to offer “free access to sexual health and hygiene products” amid cost-of-living crisis

NUSU is helping students through the cost of living crisis by providing access to sexual health and hygine products.

Sarah Daly
28th October 2022
Image credit: wikimedia commons

Families struggling to provide food for children are often the first demographic we consider when considering the Cost-of-living crisis. However, one demographic that is often overlooked and absent when discussing the financial crisis is University students. 

Despite many current university students already having a turbulent transition to the university during the pandemic, students are now faced with a financial crisis, with 1 in 10 saying they’ve used a food bank in the last year. According to respondents from Save the Student’s annual money survey, financial concerns have led 52% of students to consider dropping out of their university courses altogether. 

1 in 10 saying they’ve used a food bank in the last year

With the latest news headlines causing anxiety amongst students, as rent rises and food prices rocket, many students have been forced to choose between studying and eating. 

However, to overcome and help students, Newcastle students’ Union (NUSU) is providing students access to sexual health and hygiene products, including free period products, condoms, pregnancy test kits and drink spiking test kits. 

The NUSU said: “Supporting students through this crisis is our priority, with the government forgetting or disregarding how heavily students are impacted.”

To access these year-round available products, they will be outside the Welfare and Support Hub (Ground Floor of the Students’ Union Building). 

If you would like to know more, message NUSU Cost of Living Crisis leads; Mady Baugh (President) and Mack Marshall (Education officer) 

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