Odd Shaped Balls – Newcastle graduates’ production to tour the UK

Graduates' theatre company performs at Fringe Festival

16th November 2015

A theatre group set up by graduates will go on a tour next year with their new production Odd Shaped Balls.

Plane Paper Theatre is currently booking dates for late 2016 and Ellie Claughton, the company manager, has mixed feelings about the upcoming tour.

“I think taking a piece to Edinburgh and taking a piece on tour are two very different things.

“We are still in the planning stages but I enjoy the work so it never feels like a chore.”

She also added that this would be a good opportunity for those who missed Odd Shaped Balls to see it now.

The first production of the show written by Richard D. Sheridan tackles serious issues about homophobia in sports and the struggles faced by those who want to be open about their sexuality.

Ellie said: “Odd Shaped Balls is such a relevant piece at the moment and for us it has just been amazing. Despite very little sleep and hours spent on the Royal Mile, we had best experience a young company could hope for.”

Sold out on most nights, the show has been extremely successful receiving 5 star reviews from publications like Broadway Baby and Xpress Radio Scotland. It has also been performed at Edinburgh Fringe.

“The highlight for me was speaking to people after the show each night, and hearing how much they enjoyed it or how they related to it.”

Plane Paper Theatres was established by Ellie and her friend Andy Twyman, who both met in the Newcastle University’s Theatre Society and have been interested in producing ever since.

“After we both graduated, we remained in contact as we began searching for opportunities and jobs in the industry. We then decided that the best way to create opportunities was to do it ourselves.”

The manager continued: “We have both been lucky enough to work on various projects but wanted to do something that really resonated with us.”

Accidentally meeting with the writer Richard and starting the production of Odd Shaped Balls gave a reason for it to be developed into a company.

“As emerging creatives, we were aware of the difficulties faced when trying to enter the industry and so wanted to help those in a similar position to ourselves.”

When asked what is next for the Plane Paper Theatre, Ellie expressed that while they are always looking out for new writers and new pieces that they can work on, right now the company’s core members, Andy and herself are developing their skills while studying and working on various projects.

Ellie said: “No doubt after our run at the Finborough Theatre we will have something exciting in the pipeline.”

Image: Plane Paper Theatre

Image: Plane Paper Theatre

Image: Plane paper theatre

Image: Plane paper theatre

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