"Oh what's occurin'?"-Gavin and Stacey is back for a seasonal special!

Katie Brownlee takes a trip down memory lane discussing the British TV staple, Gavin and Stacey.

Katie Brownlee
22nd October 2019
Credit: IMDb, Baby Cow Productions 2007
The long-awaited return of the BBC hit comedy Gavin and Stacey is closer than ever, as devoted fans wait 10 AGONISINGLY long years for the 'important' answers - what exactly is occurin'?

Picture this: Christmas day 2019, you've just finished an amazing Christmas dinner, the Queen's speech has been and gone, everyone's sitting with full bellies from food and drink, you change the channel to BBC One, you hear the opening lines "Tell me tomorrow, I'll wait by the window, for you...". Let's return to Barry Island.

Since the airing of the last episode in 2010, I have rewatched the show countless times, in awe of the loving, family- orientated humour, the hilarious euphemisms, the catchphrases, and of course, the characters of whom we can all relate to at one point or another.  For anyone who hasn't watched the show, I cannot, (I repeat, CANNOT) stress this enough - it is the epitome of British family life in the 2000s, something of which everyone is familiar with.

"Now, in my late teens, I have this sudden realisation that I'm more of a Pam"

Growing up I had always idolised the character of Staceyplayed by the amazingly talented, Joanna Pageher life was literally everything I had dreamed for myself as a little girl. Growing up, meeting the love of my life, surrounded by a loving family and living happily ever after (for the most part).  Now, in my late teens, I have this sudden realisation that I'm more  of a Pam (Alison Steadman) or Nessa (Ruth Jones) figure than I ever will be a Stacey. Of course, if you have seen the show, you'll get that that's nothing to be ashamed of... right?

Recently, the news of the reunion has sparked an internet sensation of memes and cultural references to the show via social media. I can't go a day without seeing a reference to the show online, or making one myself - from a 'corn on the cob' reference, or a barn dance reference, the fans cannot seem to get enough. Simple, yet seriously entertaining comic genius, if you ask me.

So, what's happened to Neil, the baby? Has he learnt the difference between Osama and Obama yet? Do Gavin and Stacey have a baby? Do Smithy and Nessa eventually get together? Are Pete and Dawn divorced?  Most importantly, do we get answers for that bloody fishing trip? All will be revealed Christmas Day, this year at 8pm on BBC One, and 'I for one, truth be told, can't bloody wait!'






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