Olaplex and Hair Loss: What is the truth behind the scandal?

With another scandal hitting Olaplex, is the bond between the company and consumers beyond repair?

Lyndsey Sleator
6th March 2023
Image: Instagram @olaplex
Hair care holy-grail Olaplex has again come under fire, as dozens of women have alleged that the product causes hair loss. With the company's 2022 infertility scandal still fresh in the minds of its customers, is consumer trust in the brand hanging on a split end?

CNN has reported that nearly 30 women have filed a lawsuit against Olaplex's No.0 to No.9 products. The women claim that the products cause breakage, brittle hair, scalp irritation, and bald spots. I own Olaplex No.3 and know many of my friends swear by the product as it rejuvenates their dyed hair. It is important to note though that Olaplex has never claimed to be a hair-regrowth product - it repairs damaged bonds, but customers certainly never signed up for the opposite!

Olaplex has never claimed to be a hair-regrowth product - but customers never signed up for the opposite!

This is therefore a very worrying claim, made even more surprising as the brand has been propelled to a cult status in the social media hair-care world. This makes me question how much we really know about the products we are influenced to buy due to their Instagram and TikTok domination.

Image: Instagram @olaplex

Rosemary Oil is a product that has similarly taken over TikTok for its hair re-growth capabilities, but as ever, you need to do your research and make sure you dilute the oil or it can cause more harm than good. Always read the small print and consult your hairdresser before making any drastic routine changes.

Always read the small print and consult your hairdresser before making any drastic routine changes

Is there truth behind the claims though? While this is a tricky question to answer, the CEO of Olaplex has fought back stating that these claims are not true and the products do not cause breakage or hair loss. It is hard to know what to believe, but as Olaplex has been around for nearly 10 years and has millions of long-term customers including professional hairdressers, if you are an Olaplex lover don't worry too much. It is recommended however that you use Olaplex before washing, do not leave it in for more than 8 hours and avoid tight buns which may cause hair breakage overnight.

Image: Instagram @makeuprevolution

It is totally understandable though that some may now be looking for alternatives. Thankfully, there are many other amazing options:

  1. Revolution Hair Plex 3 Bond Restore Treatment- an amazing drugstore alternative, this product has rave reviews for its ability to strengthen damaged hair from within. And it is only £10!
  2. Epres Bond Repair Treatment- a single-step treatment that you spray on one to two times per week. You can buy the starter kit for £40 on Amazon.
  3. Sebastian Penetraitt Deep Repair and Strengthening Masque- you only have to leave this mask on for two to three minutes for soft and shiny hair.
  4. HAIRVEST Breakage Strengthening Scalp Serum- a key part of having healthy hair starts from the scalp. This serum is a great alternative, on Beauty Bay for £17.

For healthy hair, sometimes the simple things are most effective. Avoid over-styling, excessive heat, and over-washing. But don't fret! Hair oils, treatments, and masks are here for our benefit. Find what works for you!

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