One Piece, Three Ways

A simple way to get more wear out of our clothes is to have lots of ways to style them!

Elizabeth Meade
15th March 2022
Image: Pixabay OpenClipart-Vectors

Since I have to move a lot of stuff from the US to the UK, I’ve found it helps a lot to have pieces I can wear in multiple ways. Investing in some basic pieces can help to create multiple outfits for different occasions. This is also more sustainable because it emphasizes using what you have instead of buying new clothes all the time based on what is in style.

Investing in some basic pieces can help to create multiple outfits for different occasions

One of my favourite shirts is a dark red button-down shirt with blue-purple undertones. It goes well with a lot of things and it’s held up really well over the years. Here are three ways I like to wear it.

Outfit #1: One fun thing you can do with button-down shirts is layer them with vests. I have a velvety vest with a floral design on it that I often layer over this shirt, sometimes with a necklace. It manages to look fancy, without looking too fancy. Black pants pull it all together.

Outfit #2: Conversely, for a business-related occasion I will often put a plaid jacket over the red shirt. The specific design on my jacket includes black, white, gray and red stripes, so the red complements the shirt. A pair of dark grey business slacks goes nicely, making this the perfect outfit for interviews.

Outfit #3: For an alternate take on a professional look, I like to pair the shirt with a black skirt. This keeps the dark theme with a more feminine touch. The shirt is mature enough to avoid falling into the school uniform look that we, fortunately, left behind before going to uni. To add some texture, I like to add flowery tights.

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AUTHOR: Elizabeth Meade
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