Online festival Generation Worldwide launches in celebration of female musicians

Ellie James reports on the online festival experience 'Generation Worldwide', celebrating female talents across the globe

Ellie James
11th September 2020
Generation Worldwide launched its free online festival experience this week, featuring female led artists across the globe performing from home throughout Summer 2020.

The festival consists of pre-taped performances of female talents from 20 countries and across 5 continents that stream exclusively on Urban Kingdom at 12pm GMT until 16 September. Individual artist clips will also be premiered on Generation W's social media from 2pm until 9pm each day.

Put together to support and inspire women all over the world, iconic talents include 'Say Something' singer Karen Harding and up and coming stars such as Abi Nyxx from Newcastle.

The free festival comes in collaboration with Generation Worldwide's book 'Generation W'. The same 10 questions are asked of 100 British women, uncovering life experiences through 100 years since women received the right to vote in the UK.

The book aims to inspire women who have self-doubt and who may have experienced personal struggles, whilst giving access to original interviews with some of the most iconic sportswomen, artists and legends. This includes Emmeline Pankhurst's great granddaughter Helen Pankhurst, who followed in her grandmother's footsteps as a women's rights activist, former racing driver Susie Wolff MBE, and video director and photographer Olivia Rose.

"On average only 19% of performers at festivals are women..."

32-year-old Nick Donnelly, founder of, told us 'The idea for Generation Worldwide was reactionary... It was one of these ideas so crazy it might just work, but so crazy you would never even dream of writing it down in plan... Knowing that the music industry was broken this year, and knowing that on average only 19% of performers at festivals are women, we took this opportunity to create a new experience. I believe it's as true as the music industry has ever been on a global scale.' began it's journey in Newcastle Upon Tyne in November 2011, along with fellow creative Oliver Whitehouse - founder of Sektion Red. Nick works as a British filmmaker and music video producer, who has since worked with stars including Charlie Sloth, Method Man, Lady Leshurr, and Hannah Williams. He also worked alongside Wu-Tang Clan during their visit to the UK on their world tour in 2013, and produced the world's first all female cast documentary on women in the music industry 'God Save The Queen' featuring Motown star Martha Reeves.

Oliver Whitehouse (left) and Nick Donnelly (right) in 2015 backstage of a British Hip-Hop festival
Image: Urban Kingdom

"Whatever happens you aren't limited to the four walls around you and that's what this has all been about, showing people that we don't need glamour in our life, we just need hope and connection"

'We focused on women specifically to send a statement to the rest of the music industry that when we rebuild, we are going to do it with a more representative industry. When people look at the history books of 2020, there will be a lot of major festivals not existing in one of the most unique years in the history of modern society, yet there will be 'Generation Worldwide' by 'Urban Kingdom.''

'Festivals aren't just about the moment now, they are brands. Whatever happens you aren't limited to the four walls around you and that's what this has all been about, showing people that we don't need glamour in our life, we just need hope and connection. We are going to rebuild our world and it will be better than yesterday's.'

Fyiah, 24, performed her music from her home in Detroit, MI, which will premiere Saturday 12 from the UrbanKingdom website. Starting out as an introverted young girl from Jamaica, the Generation Worldwide has widened her horizons as an up and coming music artist.

"It was a super fun experience and it's cool to be part of something that's empowering women,' says Fyiah, 'I think now in this generation we see more women being independent, empowering, owning businesses, being bosses. That was the cool thing they highlighted, that now women are taking full force of changing their dreams..."

"The festival is showing women all over the world doing these amazing things, and you really don't see that much... Now we are seeing women saying 'I'm a boss' or 'I can do this I don't need you'." To read our interview with Fyiah, click here.

To watch Fyiah and other incredible women perform for the Generation Worldwide festival, go to: and to buy the book, you can purchase here.

Featured Image: Urban Kingdom

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