Online Oversharing

Have we become too comfortable on the Internet?

Anna Nix
8th May 2023
Image credit: Pixabay
‘The Internet always remembers’ and ‘nothing can ever truly be deleted off the internet’ are just some of the things I have heard my whole life. Yet, it sometimes feels as if other internet users have never heard of these expressions, as they seemingly do not realize that everything that they've posted will exist forever.

That word right there – ‘forever’ – makes me think twice before wanting to post anything. The internet, after all, is a never-ending dark hole that hoards all of your secrets. There is always someone to screenshot your Instagram stories, someone to save your TikTok video. Whatever information you share on any social media app, it will remember. With some algorithms and data usage more questionable than others, it is still safe to say that all of them have access to at least some of your information - even just that seems pretty scary.

That word right there – ‘forever’ – makes me think twice before wanting to post anything

Each time you have to set up an account for something you share your name, your email - sometimes even your contacts, location, or gallery. With all that, it makes you wonder why people are prone to sharing more than has already been taken.

The things you can find people sharing are surprising to me. From the people sharing every moment of their life, everything from their makeup routine to their lunch, to those sharing every saucy detail of their sex life - safe to say, they might hope their kids never find their accounts. The most extreme example I can recall was seeing someone giving birth - like please, I do not want to see a kid pop out of you. Thank you, next.

they might hope their kids never find their accounts

People on the internet have, in my eyes, become too comfortable with what they share. And there are definitely cases on the internet who wouldn’t hurt themselves with a little self-censorship, to say the least. But at the end of the day, it’s each to their own and if you don’t like someone’s oversharing, just scroll away and let them learn their lesson the hard way. That's what I do, at least.

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