Only Murders in the Building: Disney+ kills it once again

Murder, mystery and mayhem - a glowing review of Disney+'s new thrilling series

Abbie Thorn
1st November 2021
Credit: IMDb
In all honesty, I was excited to watch this series but not particularly hopeful it would be any good. While this is mostly to do with my growing distrust in streaming sites when looking for quality television, Disney+ has proved me wrong and not for the first time this year. 

One of the things that excited me most, as I’m sure it did many people my age, was the return of Selena Gomez to our TV screens and she definitely did not disappoint. Herself (Mabel), along with legendary actors Steve Martin (Charles) and Martin Short (Oliver), joined forces to create a dramatic, suspenseful murder mystery whilst also providing audiences with heartfelt moments brimming with hilarity.  

The unlikely trio band together after realising they share a love of true crime podcasts and a recent murder in the building is just the inspiration they need to form their own. Together, they work to discover the real truth behind what the police deem a ‘suicide’ and publish their findings to an ever-growing audience. 

Credit: IMDb

They are never short of trouble during their amateur investigation. Upon falling into the many dangers expected when trying to catch a killer, these risks are only furthered by their own secrets, pasts and questionable choices. Throughout the show they are constantly throwing themselves into grave danger without a care - but never without humour.  

Not only has the thrilling plot, stand-out characters and refreshing episodes placed Only Murders in the Building in my list of favourite shows of the year but it also manages to include some of my all time favourite tropes including, but not limited to: the title of the show being said by a character, celebrity appearances, breaking of the 4th wall and a shocking cliffhanger. The last of which is perfect to usher in the soon to be filmed season 2 and I cannot wait!

Only Murders in the Building - Official Trailer
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