Original, Talented and Poetic: Introducing Tamino

One of our writer's introduces us to Tamino...

Safia Adia
11th March 2024
ImageCredit: Wikimedia Commons
With Mitski currently on tour, of course thousands of fans are flocking to see the legendary artist live. However, there are some people buying tickets to Mitski concerts just to see the artist opening for her. What kind of artist could inspire that sort of a reaction?

Enter Tamino; a 27 year old Belgian-Egyptian indie rock artist. With his first single, Habibi, a song that mixes passionate lyrics with melodies that take their inspiration from Egypt, Tamino displayed a wealth of talent and skill that soon won him his nickname as the ‘Belgian Jeff Buckley’. Since then he has released two albums, Amir in 2018 and Sahar in 2022 both following the same pattern of combining poetic lyrics with instrumentals that take inspiration from both his Belgian and Egyptian heritage.

His songs also include some stunning vocals with some amazing highnotes. As the grandson of the famous Egyptian singer and actor Muharram Fouad and having studied at the Amsterdam Royal Conservatory it is no wonder he is so talented.

Won him his nickname as the ‘Belgian Jeff Buckley’

My favourite song of his would definitely be The First Disciple, a song that explores the feelings of Judas before betraying Jesus. The beautiful instrumentals along with the lyrics which speak of the love Judas still has for his friend despite their differences definitely make this song a cut above the rest. However some strong contenders are definitely Habibi, Persephone, Indigo Night and W.o.t.h. Each and every one of these songs is a masterpiece in itself. That, coupled with the fact Tamino hasn’t been on tour since 2022 means that fans are desperate to see him live wherever they can, even buying tickets to Mitski concerts just to see him perform.

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