Oscar snub for Best Actor: Taron Egerton

Em Richardson champions Taron Egerton as one of the best actors of the year.

Em Richardson
6th February 2020
Personally, I thought Taron Egerton was a shoe-in for his work on Rocket Man, especially after his recent win at the Golden Globes.

He perfectly captured Elton John’s mannerisms during the bio-pic, from his distinctive piano-playing style, to his speech pattern. This must have taken an immense amount of time and effort, especially given Egerton faced the added pressure of playing a still living, iconic figure.

If that wasn’t enough, Egerton also sang Elton John’s hits, and did a fantastic job of imitating the singer’s style, to the extent it’s almost impossible to tell his versions of the songs from the originals. Let’s not forget that last year’s winner, Rami Malek, didn’t actually do all of his own singing when he portrayed Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody. Above all else, Egerton gave the strongest performance within a movie where the whole cast was incredible, and that deserves recognition.

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