Our current fashion fixation: H&M

Charley Moran shares her thoughts on the fashion brand killing the game right now and why you should be lovin' them too.

Charley Moran
7th November 2019
By Marco Verch from Flickr
The brand that needs ‘loving’ right now is definitely the Swedish retailer H&M. The retailer is the second largest in the world and has stores in 62 countries demonstrating the global popularity of the brand.

According to sources, the brand is the 12th most popular and famous brand allowing it to be recognised for its trendy and fashionable clothing, I simply cannot get enough of the brand as the products they continue to bring out excel all expectations.

Firstly let’s look at the brand itself, it is one of the few which can be recognised for taking a step forward to becoming a more ethical and environmentally friendly name. The brand has pledged to use 100% recycled or sustainable materials by 2030 as well as becoming 100% ‘climate positive’ by 2040 by using renewable energy and increasing energy efficiency in all its operations.

Photo by: @hm on Instagram

Although these are in fact only targets with deadlines still fairly long away they are a huge step in the right direction and have a huge influence on other brands who are now beginning to set similar goals and targets to help the environment by limiting the damage being done with fast fashion.

The brand was first seen in Sweden on October 4th 1947 coming across to the UK in 1976, meaning the brand has gone through all the trends from A-Line mini skirts and collar shift dresses in the 60s to the neon colours and leg warmers in the ’90s. The brand has been phenomenal and flourished in success throughout its time on the high street and continues to produce products we love today! The brand still introduces new lines that keep up with the fast-moving market and cover all types of clothing for Women,  men,  children and even a home section.

Photo by: @hm on Instagram

H&M covers absolutely everything, and you are guaranteed to find what you need and will definitely be leaving the store with more than you needed. They never fail to impress in particular with the variety of clothes sizes they offer,  inclusive to all men and women of all sizes, so that they all can experience what they have to offer. In particular, I find personally,  H&M have always excelled in their knitwear, as one of the few places I can purchase good quality clothing suitable for winter, and at a low price.

Therefore, the brand I'm lovin' right now is H&M who's recent modification to its mission focusing more upon the ethical approach, on top of the high-quality products they continue to produce at reasonable prices. You seriously can't beat these players in the game right now.

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