Our current fashion fixation: Skechers

Joe Smith talks 90s favourite skechers and how they could just be on the comeback.

Joe Smith
1st December 2019
@paliGraficas on Pixabay

I know this may be scandalous and possibly quite shocking opinion but, I believe that Skechers are making a resurgence.

The once-beloved shoe fell into a bitter pit of ridicule in the mid-2010s and I feared that, from that point onwards, they would be a shoe belonging to the 40 something Pilates mums forever.

 In the past couple of years Skechers have tried, and in my opinion have succeeded, in making the triumphant return to the trainer industry they have always deserved. This is all down to their new trainer, the D’lites.

@sketchers on Instagram

I was filled with confusion when I realised, I wanted to buy a pair of Skechers. At the affordable price tag of £54 I thought that for a long-lasting shoe, this might be worth it. I was thankfully right

The chunky trainer/dad shoe revolution is one that I am happy to fight for and I am proud to say I got my yearly fix of this through the Skechers D’lites. A textbook chunky shoe. The vast array of features include, memory foam insoles, a chunky base and most importantly a big variety of colourways. Some of my favourites being the black and white colourway or the beige and white. There’s a colour for everyone’s tastes.

Concerning the practicality of the shoe, it’s brilliant for active use such as running or going to the gym and is just a good casual trainer. The memory foam insoles added a layer of comfort I never knew I needed. Thankfully, for the rainy winter season, they re very easy to clean, a quick wipe and you’re sorted.

@skechers on Instagram

As far as the other shoes in the Skechers collection go, I wouldn’t say they’re quite up to speed just yet. They’re straying behind in the limbo between awful and hopeful. After years of laughable torment it seems like the Skechers flame may be relit for good in the next couple of years and the D’lites might just be the spark that sets it off.

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