Our current fashion fixation: TALA

Chloe Buchan shares her latest fashion fave that could be worth adding to your last minute Christmas list

Chloe Buchan
11th December 2019
By Tim Savage from Pexels

With climate change being at the forefront of world issues at the minute, sustainability is the hot topic that’s on everyone’s lips.

In recent years it has been made quite clear how damaging the fast fashion industry is, and yet it still remains very difficult to find a fashion brand that considers its environmental impacts, whilst still being affordable and something you actually would choose to wear.

A brand which ticks all of these boxes is TALA, the brainchild of Grace Beverly, formerly ‘GraceFit’ on Youtube. The brand, whose mission is to create athletic and athleisure wear that is 100% sustainable, was launched this year and has already seen great success. Its recent collaboration with Jordyn Woods is a demonstration of the growing status of the brand.

@gracebeverley on Instagram

Even the paper labels on the items are plantable

This is a clothing brand I would highly recommend anyone to add to their Christmas wishlist; what better way to motivate yourself to go to the gym come January than a fresh and funky gym set? And on top of that, you don’t have to worry that the clothes you’re sweating in are damaging the environment: even the paper labels on the items are plantable!

@weartala on Instagram

TALA’s items aren’t solely limited to gym wear however; they could be worn in a whole range of ways. The on-trend neon colours of the ‘Flare’ range would be perfect for a festival in the summer months, and the cropped hoodies and joggers in the ‘Rec’ range would be perfect for cosying up in on those chilly January days.

This inclusive attitude is a breath of fresh air in the fitness community

@gracebeverley on Instagram

What also sold the brand, in my opinion, is the inclusivity of it: the models on the website come in a range of shapes and sizes, thus representing real women. This inclusive attitude is a breath of fresh air in the fitness community, as many brands simply seem to ostracise women who do not fit within their narrow standard of fitness and beauty, meaning that it can be hard to find fitness attire if you don’t fall within this accepted demographic.

@weartala on Instagram

Not only this, but you would be hard-pressed to find anyone more likeable and warm than the founder of this brand- Grace Beverly. The influencer is a driven young woman who has achieved so much in such a short period of time with a work ethic that is enviable and inspiring for anyone with a vision.

All in all, TALA is a brand that you can't really fault, therefore making it the perfect addition to any wishlist this Christmas.

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