Our current fashion fixation: Thought Clothing

Sara Nigohosyan talks sustainable fashion brand Thought Clothing, and why they should be your next fashion purchase

Sara Nigohosyan
10th March 2020
@thoughtclothing on Instagram
One of the latest, and probably best, trends of the fashion world is sustainable clothing. Fast fashion is harmful to the planet and often for the people working for it, which is why more people are turning towards environmentally conscious brands which also provide quality clothing that will last longer than just a couple of months.

Thought Clothing is a brand which manages to combine the good ethics of the fashion industry with its own timeless style, creating an eco-friendly wardrobe at affordable prices. With its compilation of unique patterns, styles, and colours, this UK-based brand offers a range for every part of one’s day. Whether you’re planning to go to work, a date, a night out, or even to bed, Thought has it. 

The UK brand’s beginning was quite simple - one-man started with one simple sustainable collection of men’s shirts and beachwear. Starting with just a pop-up shop, Thought has now grown into an expanding in recognition line, despite still being relatively small. Now, producing ethically sourced, organic, and ecologically friendly clothing, they make everything for everyone - women’s and men’s clothing, accessories, and they even have a special section for gifts if you want to give a thoughtful present which both the person and the environment will appreciate.

The clothes and accessories Thought offer a combination of essentialism, minimalism, and a good style, which is what makes them so great- after their sustainable production of course. Their variety allows people to show their own personality through their clothing while still carrying the unique and recognizable style of the brand itself.

The looks they offer have grown their Instagram following quite dramatically within the last year, as they become recognized for their aesthetic designs and timeless pieces. The social media platform is how many come to find out about them, and its effortlessly beautiful account (@thoughtclothing) explains their quick gain in following. They are not only battling the fast fashion industry, but are also known for standing against ageism in the fashion industry, hiring models of all ages, and not limiting themselves to young models only.

Wearing this brand gives more than just a fashionable sense. It also offers a contribution to the sustainable slow fashion that needs more support now more than ever. If you're looking for new affordable and ethically sourced clothes, or even just for inspiration, just follow their motto, "be part of our thoughtful world," and follow them for more sustainable living.


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