Overhaul for Anthem: New Mass Effect on the horizon?

Stacey Henley reports on BioWare's latest developments and discusses the retooling of Anthem.

Stacey Henley
22nd November 2019
BioWare started this decade with a bang, releasing Mass Effect 2 in summer 2010. Not only is that title considered BioWare's best ever release, it's also amongst the decade's best from any developer, earning a monumental Metacritic rating of 96.

Unfortunately, they rounded off the decade with less of a bang and more of a smoking heap of machinery, with Anthem literally setting consoles on fire. It tells you something that that's not even the worst thing you could say about Anthem, either.

The future might be brighter though, for both Anthem and BioWare as a whole, after some extensive retooling. It felt like Anthem was dead in the water, but the javelin suit gameplay has potential, and the games as a service model was designed to help games stick around. Lowering the price point, or even going free like Destiny 2, could lead to the biggest resurrection since Jesus, or at least No Man's Sky.

Reports suggest that plans for an overhaul go as deep as the roots of Anthem, including the gun play, flight systems, loot drops and weaponry. While those remain on the table, what is apparently the focus of BioWare and their parent company EA is new content and expansion packs. Whether this is released all in one go or is drip fed over a series of event-based updates remains to be seen; the only concrete information is that the next phase of Anthem is likely to be called either Anthem Next or Anthem 2.0.

It's important to note that this all comes from Kokatu's Jason Schreier, not BioWare themselves. He's proven trustworthy on BioWare goings on before though, so makes for a reliable source.

In other BioWare news, Schreier revealed a new Mass Effect game was in 'very early development', with Mike Gamble, a veteran of Mass Effect since ME2, directing.

Cover image courtesy of EA

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