Overwatch Gets New Retribution Mode

Amy Gildert takes a look at Overwatch's latest gameplay mode

Amy Gildert
30th April 2018
Image: @PlayOverwatch on Twitter / Blizzard Entertainment / Activision Blizzard

Last year, Overwatch launched Uprising, a new game mode that allowed fans to play through an Overwatch mission. This year, developers are back with a new event: Overwatch Retribution. Similar to Uprising, Retribution is a player versus environment mode, meaning players assemble a team of four to fight through waves of enemies.

However, more so than Uprising, Retribution gives fans a deeper glimpse into Overwatch lore, taking us back eight years to a Blackwatch mission gone wrong. In this mode players can choose between Moira, Genji, McCree or Reaper, as they fight their way through an army of Talon soldiers. The team composition works surprisingly well, although having Moira as the only support means communication between your team is essential. Anyone who strays too far from the group is likely to be overwhelmed.


More so than Uprising, Retribution gives fans a deeper glimpse into Overwatch lore


As well as a new story, Retribution comes with a new map, and over 60 new items and skins. New special characters make the fight a little more challenging, featuring a Sniper, an Assassin, and a Heavy Assault omnic that plays slightly like an evil Reinhardt. These characters feel much more intelligent than previous boss fights in Uprising, and make for more dynamic and unique fights.

Retribution is now part of the Archives collection, alongside Uprising. Hopefully, this means fans can expect new additions to Overwatch lore, even if we have to wait another year for it.

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