Overwatch's Halloween Terror Returns with Junkenstein's Revenge and All-New Loot

Junkenstein's back and ready for more - so won't you stop him at the door?

Rowena Tylden-Pattenson
30th October 2017
Image: Official EU Overwatch YouTube Channel (Blizzard Entertainment)

I witnessed a fair bit of excitement about the 'Junkenstein's Revenge' event in Overwatch at Halloween last year, and like many people wondered whether it was going to be back for more in 2017.

Happily, the rumours about its return were true, as Junkenstein’s Revenge returned on the 10th of October, and set to run until November 1st.

Much like 2016’s event, Junkenstein’s Revenge this year is a Player vs. Environment (PvE) mode yet again, with the ruined battlements of Eichenwalde forming the map and setting for hordes of zomnics and zombardiers to attack players in waves. Every so often a boss appears - 'The Reaper' (Reaper), 'Junkenstein's Monster' (Roadhog), 'The Witch' (Mercy), and even 'Junkenstein' (Junkrat) himself - with little nods to the horror genre; it’s easy to see links to Dracula, Frankenstein and all the rest.

The concept of the mode is easy enough to understand, and the first few levels of each new game easy enough as well, but the difficulty quickly ramps up as the bosses reincarnate and as you traverse the various difficulty modes from normal to legendary. Symmetra as 'The Summoner' is a new addition for the 2017 event, and I think she is easily one of the more fun bosses to try and take down. Once Mercy as 'The Witch' gets thrown in on the higher levels and combines with her, things get really interesting. Choose endless mode, and it becomes chaotic very quickly, so you best stay sharp.

Image: Official EU Overwatch YouTube Channel (Blizzard Entertainment)

Image: Official EU Overwatch YouTube Channel (Blizzard Entertainment)

Although it’s great fun to fight against enemies attacking from all directions, it sometimes feels a little two-dimensional. Yes, it’s only an event, but even after the first game, it’s easy to identify the right spot to stake out and shoot from, with not much incentive to move. In normal mode, there are only a few heroes to choose from, so once you have your strategy, there’s not much to change up, except for when you change up the difficulty and the spawns aren't as straightforward. The pleasure definitely comes from being able to shoot wildly and be fairly convinced that you’ll probably hit something wherever you aim (I'm looking at you, McCree players).

There are lots of new skins, sprays and voice lines to collect as well as part of the Halloween event this year, with all of last year's items re-unlocked too, although it takes a little bit of time to earn them… You have to work hard for that sweet new Mercy skin, and all the others besides! Thankfully the event’s running until 1st November, so there’s still a little time yet to hold the gate, clear the enemies and prevent Junkenstein from having his revenge!

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