Packing light on a trip

Dalene Low tells us how to make the most of your trip with minimal baggage

Dalene Low
24th October 2018
Image: Thom Holmes

Let’s paint this scenario: You are flying with a budget airline that allows you one hand-held luggage with size restrictions and an even smaller bag. Even though you might go on a short trip- how are you supposed to fit everything in there when you need at least five spare outfits?

I have been there and done that; trying to pack as little as I can, so that I can bring more goodies from overseas back home. Packing light doesn’t equate to only bringing your bare essentials, you can pack light and still have enough clothes that last you throughout the duration of your visit. The following tips will help you to pack light for the next time you find yourself in this tricky situation.

  1. Power banks

Of course, this is on the top of the list. You wouldn’t want your phone to die in the middle of a day right? Your phone needs fuel for the amount of ‘work’ it has to do for you on your travels. It’s your communication device, GPS, camera, torchlight... (and the list goes on for what it can do) all in one.

Tip: Get a power bank that has charging wire cables attached to it already, so you don’t have to keep rummaging in your bag for one.

  1. Bring lightweight clothes

Like my mother would say to me before every holiday: “You are not going to a fashion show. Please pack wisely!” Bring clothes that can be rolled up easily without creasing or weighing too much.  If you need a jacket, just save that space in your luggage and wear it during your plane ride, it gets really cold on the plane anyways.  

If you’re worried about looking like you’re wearing the same set of clothes everyday, try to choose neutral or dark coloured clothes that you can mix and match easily. All of this might apply even if you are heading to a cold country during winter!

  1. Small bottles of your personal essentials

Although this might sound like a tedious step, it will definitely save you that bit of space and weight. Depending on the country and hotel you are staying in, you might not have the luxury of having toiletries being provided.Therefore, storing your bath or skincare necessities into small travel sized bottles will help you avoid hitting the 100ml limit per bottle for carry-ons. An easy way out is to take samples of your usual makeup necessities from stores to then dispose them at the end of the trip. Remember to put all liquid items in a clear bag to avoid it getting confiscated!

A little goes a long way and these simple methods and tips hopefully will help you avoid the stress of worrying about your luggage being too heavy. Especially as students we don't want to spend that extra money!


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