‘Pam and Tommy’ - a tale of love, revenge and, of course, sex.

Lily James and Sebastian Stan are transformed as Pam and Tommy in a show based on real events.

Imogen Smillie
17th February 2022
Credit: IMDb
Spoiler free for episodes 1 to 3 (streaming now on Disney+), and very much looking forward to finishing off this limited series.

Back in the olden days, (yes, the mid 90’s) a great pop culture scandal occurred. The gorgeous Pamela Anderson and her husband Tommy Lee fleetingly created a sex-tape, which was then sold all over the newly accessible world wide web. Pam and Tommy (2022) reveals all about the first ever leaked sex-tape, exploring celebrity culture and the lifestyle of this love-struck couple at the height of their careers.

The excellent costume and make-up creates the illusion that you're watching Pam and Tommy's love story unfold in real time.

The phenomenal Lily James (Cinderella, Baby Driver) and Sebastian Stan (Captain America, The 355) have taken on this massive project. They've transformed into the couple to retell the sex scandal that shapes the way we look at celebrity and media representation. Watching the show, you have to keep reminding yourself this isn’t the actual Pam and Tommy as the excellent costume and makeup creates the illusion that you're watching their love story unfold in real time. James and Stan could not be more different to their previous roles, such as Cinderella and the Winter Soldier respectively. Joined by the hilarious Seth Rogen (Bad Neighbours) and Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation) who portray two characters majorly involved in the production of said sex-tape, this show is nothing short of star-studded and beautifully cast.

Credit: IMDb, Pam and Tommy is decidedly 18+ whilst being insightful.

Just a fair warning... this is a show about a sex-tape, so clearly there’s a lot of sex and nudity alongside, harsh language and drug use (rated 18+). In spite of this, the director Craig Gillespie, who is perhaps best known for another Sebastian Stan starring project - I, Tonya (2017), uses this opportunity to express solid opinions surrounding the misogyny in media representation and overall power of the patriarchal society, especially before the 21st century. Unfortunately, Pamela Anderson was probably best known at the time for ‘Baywatch’, and as Joey and Chandler from ‘Friends’ will tell you, all the running. But what about her work as a craft and not just looking pretty?

So far, this show has considerably reached all expectations of dramatized storytelling, in terms of both entertainment and fairly retelling such an infamous moment in pop-culture history. Looking forward to seeing more drama unfold in the coming weeks.

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