Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (15)

Kotryna Kairyte braved the newest Paranormal Activity film this week - was it scarily good or scarily bad?

2nd November 2015

Yes, another one of those semi-homemade horror ‘masterpieces’ that used to make your blood run cold has come to cinema screens, yet it seems that over the many sequels (this is the fifth), it has started losing some its original aura and famous scares.

This time directed by Gregory Plotkin, the story follows another family with a sweet little daughter, Leila, who happily move into a new house just before Christmas, and not-so-happily finds mysterious tapes and a special camera that can see ghosts.

The plot is quite repetitive to those that have been Paranormal Activity fans for years, but the continuation of the story started in the third movie is quite enjoyable and nicely blends with the new details about witches and demons that the family discovers. Nothing special can be said about the acting or sound effects – they’re all quite regular for a horror film.

"The Ghost Dimension definitely lacks those heart-exploding scares that we’re all here for"

The Ghost Dimension, however, definitely lacks those heart-exploding scares that we’re all here for. Undoubtedly so, the 3D effect enhances the feeling that you’re watching a movie made with one home camera, but that leaves the viewer wondering about the quality of the movie if the 3D is the best part of it.

Many cheap jump scares, repetitive counting of the nights and unimpressive acting is made bearable with an unexpected ending which is surprisingly though-provoking, and a lot of space for yet another spin-off (of course).

Overall, a nice regular horror film which is fun to be viewed in 3D but can be boring to those who are used to the idea and format of all Paranormal Activity movies. Go see it if you’re a big horror geek - you will enjoy it. However, if you’re hoping for the kind of scare you had when you saw the first part of Paranormal Activity series, don’t bother.

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Rating: 6/10

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