Album Review: Peach Pit - 'From 2 to 3'

We review Peach Pit's third studio album...

Lucy Bower
16th March 2022
Peach Pit are amongst a minority who have become renowned for a sound that is both indie rock and chill. The Vancouver quintet have just graced the world with their third album, tellingly named ‘From 2 to 3’.

Comprised of eleven tracks, it is safe to say that Peach Pit have found the sound that characterises them nailed. It’s warm, it’s optimistic, and it’s packed with clean guitars.

The opening tracks ‘Up Granville’ and ‘Vickie’ feature sharp acoustic guitars that build a foundation for sunny riffs and the unmistakable mellow vocals from lead singer Neil Smith. It’s enough to propel you to grab your shades and sit on a field of your choice drinking beer with your mates – this album will be a treat with the summer sun.

Moving onto some of the songs that come fresh with the album, ‘Lips Like Yours’ blurs the line between indie rock and indie pop. As this tune takes on a more mellow tune, there is plenty to dig your ears into. The balance between upbeat and measured songs is one that will take you on a steady journey. Songs such as ‘Last Days of Lonesome’ combine whiny guitar riffs and a slow acoustic rhythm into a bittersweet love song. ‘You know I would give it all for free’ explore the powerful feelings towards someone who isn’t as interested back.  

As potentially their most bustling song on the album ‘Pepsi on the House’ battles between a powerful rhythm and dulcet riffs. ‘Wake up and see that morning changes all’ are some of the energetic lyrics that speak about the coming to terms with a relationship. The fusion of both the electric and the intoxicating arch of acoustic bliss is a unique combination that isn’t mirrored by many other bands.

Peach Pit have exceeded expectations with their third album ‘From 2 to 3’. It’s a beautiful balance of soothing sounds and poetic lyrics to create a sound that feels both nostalgic and fresh.

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