Poembox: A Covid-Free Christmas

Meg Howe takes Poembox this week with a piece which ponders upon a COVID-free Christmas.

Meg Howe
9th December 2020

It was the night before Christmas, but all was not lost;

There was quiet in the air; the year was ending with frost.

There was food on the table and love in the air;

Covid was a distant thought; they had not a care.

The masks were hung up; the sanitiser gone;

The lockdown had ended; and the carols were on.


It was the night before Christmas; there was fun to be had,

Covid was gone, and they were all ever so glad.

Music was playing, and they all shout and declare;

“It’s time for the gifts that we’ll happily share.”

The fire was hot, and burning so bright;

Like a Covid-free Christmas, it lit up their night!

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AUTHOR: Meg Howe
Passionate History student and Educator

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