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George Bell reveals the news about the upcoming Percy Jackson TV adaptation

George Bell
15th May 2020
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Turns out there is a god as we are being brought back into the wonderful world of Greek gods and Percy Jackson, made into a feature-length show by the mouse overlord themselves, Disney (maybe they aren’t as bad as they seem). So, let’s get as wet as the son of Poseidon and talk about it.

I am sure I am not alone with how big a part the Percy Jackson books were for me as a kid. I loved reading them and have done so numerous times. The world and setting are iconic and have always sparked debates among my friends and I, as to which cabin we belong to. So, when it was announced that a movie was being made, it is safe to say we all lost our minds and started running up the walls with excitement. And after two films it is definitely unfortunate that what we got was nowhere near the quality we deserved and did a discredit to its source material. But can this new show succeed where the movies did not? I am going to be optimistic and say yes.

It will be given time to breathe and help develop all the characters we know and love

Rick Riordan announced the news about the Disney+ adaptation of his work stating that “We (him and his wife, Becky) are very excited about the idea of a live-action series of the highest quality, following the storyline of the original Percy Jackson five-book series, starting with The Lightening Thief in season one”. This is great news, not just because we are getting this show, but because it looks like they are going to do it right! Rather than the first 375-page book being crammed into a one-hour 59-minute film, it will be given time to breathe and help develop all the characters we know and love into a full tv show.

Credit: Robbyreads on Instagram

Riordan has also stated that he and his wife will be involved throughout the development process in every way possible so don’t worry about Disney ruining the beloved world (something I don’t think fans could survive through a second time).

Not much else is known about the show like a cast or a release time other than that it will air on Disney+ but I am sure more information will follow in good time. Just this show being announced is a huge thing I for one am over the moon it is happening. Now I better go and start re-reading the books...

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