Personal Style: having the Confidence to Stand Out

How to have the confidence to wear what you want and stand out of the crowd.

Harriet Black
21st March 2024
Image credit: Alexi Romano, Unsplash

When you see someone walking down the street with a really cool outfit on, what do you think? You’d think “wow, that’s stunning, I want to dress like that”. Sometimes the daily routine gets a little tedious, so brighten up every day by standing out from the crowd and feeling confident in what you wear. 

So, I believe the first step to having the confidence to wear what you want is to stop caring what others think of you. I used to spend so much time matching all the colours in my outfits, letting it stress me out way more than it should have done, but my very wise fashion icon of a friend, Lily, told me I need to get out of my own head and wear what’s comfortable and fun for me. Confidence is key. Always easier said than done but confidence is the making of a good outfit, so always keep your head held high in whatever you wear. A little trick that might help when you’re feeling nervous about stepping out of your comfort zone is wearing an old piece that you’re familiar with and pair it with a new piece that you’ve not worn before, just to slowly get into the feeling of wearing new clothes as it can be a little nerve wracking. 

Sometimes it can be hard to find new styles and outfits from scratch; Pinterest can help for inspiration, but try not to dwell too much online as trends in the media are fleeting and fast fashion changes so much it is destroying individuality. One of mine and Lily’s favourite things to do is charity shopping - there’s a sign outside my favourite charity shop in Leeds saying, “come in, you might find exactly what you’re not looking for.” It’s super fun to explore charity shops and it’s a much cheaper and environmentally friendly alternative to a big shopping trip, and they always have the quirkiest and most unique little gems you’ll ever find, so try on everything! Clothing looks different on the hanger than it does when its being worn, so if you think you like the pattern or the design is cute, then try is on, it might just be perfect. When looking in charity shops it can really help to know what suits you best - the style and fit of clothing, colour of jewellery and such - as then it makes it a little easier to direct you to new items. 

So be bold, wear colours that ‘shouldn’t be worn together’, or designs no one would think to mix, brighten up your daily routine and put a smile on others faces when they see you. Don’t be afraid to break fashion norms, and wear what makes you happiest! 

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