Phil Foden's mother attacked at boxing event

The footballer and his entourage were followed and harassed throughout the venue.

Adam Tibke
7th March 2022
Instagram @PhilFoden
On Saturday 19th February, during the highly anticipated grudge match between boxers Amir Khan and Kell Brook, Claire Foden, mother of Manchester City footballer Phil Foden, was attacked during an altercation that occurred backstage at the Manchester AO Arena.

Footage of the attack was posted on social media. In the footage, Foden appears to be the target of foul and abusive language as he and his family are followed whilst trying to make their way towards a box where they’d watch the fight.

The dispute turned from heated argument to physical violence as Claire pushed one of the harassers away from her family, which he retaliated against by striking the 41 year old mother in the face. This escalation began a claustrophobic brawl in the dark halls of the venue, as the harassers and Foden's entourage exchanged blows.

Shocked and appalled about the nature of the abuse and ensuing assault

Manchester City

Witnesses claim that people were “screaming and shouting,” and that a man was “bleeding.” One even described it as being like “a scene from the Wild West.” Eventually, security were called and several people were escorted out of the building.

Manchester City issued a statement in support of Foden and his family. Like many, the club were appalled by the actions of the assailants and have condemned their actions. Foden has received praise for how well he handled himself in the difficult situation.

The Greater Manchester Police are now investigating the incident.

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