Picture-perfect Autumn

Shwetha takes us around the world to see some pretty autumn views

Shwetha Vasan
5th November 2018
Image: Ricardo Gomez Angel

Autumn is my favourite time of the year. A relief from the scorching sun, I love the pleasant weather and beautiful colours around. These days, I go for a walk in the evenings and enjoy the beautiful sunset. The lustrous sky, trees and everything around sync together in perfect harmony. I find the sound of the rustling leaves to be very satisfying.

Fall is also the perfect time to travel around. Somehow, despite the winter’s cold being on the horizon, there is this very happy vibe about this season. I have a list of must visit places that are sure to enchant you, even if it isn’t your favourite time of year.

Kashmir, India: Located in the northern part of India, Kashmir is known as paradise on earth. This city will leave you spellbound. The colours of the Dal Lake change every season. During autumn, it shines as bright as gold while the chinar trees on the banks turn into shades of mauve, red and yellow. Gradually, the trees start shedding their leaves and they cover the surface of the water like a carpet. It is calm and picturesque.

Mount Fuji, Japan: Japan’s Mount Fuji, about 100 kilometers southwest of Tokyo, is an active volcano surrounded by five Fuji lakes. It is quite popular for sightseeing and trekking. During fall, the trees around turn from green to beautiful amber and golden shades. The mountain stands out in contrast to the mauvish envelope. By November, a snow cap starts developing over the mountain and this view is as attractive as it can be.

Moselle Valley, Germany: This is one of the most beautiful river valleys in Germany. River Moselle flows through Trier & Koblenz, and a myriad of castles lead to romantic villages lining the banks of the river. Autumn immerses this landscape in extraordinary light. The Cochem Castle is a must visit place -  with a spectacular view, it will make you appreciate nature’s beauty. Mountain biking and wine festivals make this valley all the more interesting.

Bridge of Orchy, Scotland: Bridge of Orchy is a small, mostly undiscovered village about 100 miles from Edinburgh. But these days, several tourists are in awe of this beautiful and quaint little place. River Orchy is popular for canoeing and white-water rafting. Beinn Dorain and Beinn an Dothaidh are simple treks that can be done with one’s family. The river has a pinkish undertone with green, red and yellow tints. The splendid view atop makes the climbing worthwhile.

Ontario, Canada: Moving on to Canada -  Algonquin Provincial Park, Niagara Parkway, Bruce Trail, the list of places in Ontario is endless. You will lose yourself in their natural splendor. Mother Nature is in her seasonal finery here as she showcases her fall collection.

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