Planning a holiday on a student budget

Our writer shares their process of planning a budget-friendly holiday

Lizzie Yockney
18th May 2022
Image: Marco Verch on flickr
Summer is fast approaching and since I haven’t actually been on a proper holiday in way too long, I am currently in the process of planning and booking some summer getaways. As this is my first time organising a holiday myself (the pandemic put me back a bit), I am a little bit intimidated by the practicalities, especially whilst travelling on a student budget.

My friend and I have decided to go to Berlin for a long weekend. We were drawn to its amazing art and nightlife, as well as the fact that it is one of the cheapest capital cities in Western Europe. Thanks to us both being at uni, going away before the school holidays start is a no-brainer, as it will hopefully cut down costs of flights and accommodation. As well, the city will hopefully be a little less busy with tourists. On top of this, as we are on a student budget, Skyscanner is the place we are looking for flights (a tip from travel vloggers Damon and Jo), to find the cheapest flights to and from the German capital.

Another way that we’re (hopefully) going to save some cash is by scouring Airbnb, which is no hardship for me, as I am constantly scrolling through the app and making lists for future holidays. It is also important to do your research, so after a bit of googling, we settled on the borough of Mitte. Meaning ‘middle’ in English, it is in the centre of the city and is home to tourist sights like the Brandenburg Gate and Museum Island, as well as lots of little cafes, restaurants, and bars. It is also home to Beach Mitte, a man-made beach with 50 volleyball courts, a high-ropes course, and a beach bar. Currently, we’re both looking for a base in Mitte on Airbnb. Another option which we have talked about but have pretty much decided not to go for this time, are hostels. A great budget-friendly option, hostels are a good base and are often perfect places to meet other travellers. According to travel TikToker @globethotter, the Circus Hostel in Berlin is one of the wildest party hostels in Europe. I’m definitely going to keep it in my notes for future reference!

Do a bit of research into things that you can do for free

Berlin is also ideal for a student budget, as it is best to explore the city on foot, so we won’t need to spend money on public transport, and can instead spend it on food, drinks, and other experiences. I would also definitely recommend doing a bit of research into things that you can do for free, to save a little bit more money whilst also adding more experiences to your itinerary.

A further key part of travelling on a student budget is being smart with your money. My budget is currently very tight, but I am going to try to save a little bit before the summer. Other than that, I’m almost definitely going to have to get a job asap to pay off my overdraft, but in my opinion, it will definitely be worth it.

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