Poem Box: Thank you

A little thank you to everyone

Katie Siddall
29th May 2022
Image credit: Unsplash

Looking over to see you,
My heart fluttering when I do,
All my love is for you.

Calm, caring, collected but -
Calling my name when trouble comes.

Good kind of trouble, anyway.
Day by day we help each other,
Because we want to laugh together.

All my love is for you.
Happiness is me and you.

Just friends but there'll always be more,
But we could never be a part.

Memories which will never fade,
ow can I forget our amazing days.

People can say what they want,
ut we'll always have each others hearts.

Together forever,
With your witty, wonderful, wacky ways.

My world would be different without you, probably -
Disastrously destructive!

Please don't change,
ife wouldn't carry on with you.

My heart will always be full,
appiness is me and you.

Happiness is you and me,
y heart will always be full.

God bless your
rilliant, bright and bubbly personalities.

Just thank you for being there,
Caring like you always do.

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