Poembox: Dear Sir

Ellie Boswell takes Poembox this week, with a piece for International Women's Day

Ellie Boswell
8th March 2021

Dear Sir,

Femininity is in you, it’s true

Do not contest with this let it be known

Though once she may have swaddled you in blue

See that this fabric must now been outgrown.

You are gifted with your mothers’ wise eyes!

Why do you choose to be boorish and blind?

You are blessed with her heart so large in size!

Why must you treat those like her so unkind?

With her ears do not heed that 'she must not'

Listen to her words and please let her speak

With her lips do not say that 'she can not'

Tell of her great strength for she is not weak

The female is divine – Juno, Venus

You are not god’s gift because you have a -

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