Poembox: Peafowl

Niamh Foy takes Poembox with a piece entitled "Peafowl", one of her Bird Sonnets.

Niamh Foy
15th November 2021

A man is his colours - memory-hued;

as the picked cherry red of scabbed-up skin,

the stinging amber kindling whiskey nude,

the yellow buttercup under the chin;

the tender green in tiny buds in spring,

the two-tone navy of the ocean wide,

the plum-wine purple of sick, discrowned king,

the cradling brown arms of loving boy or bride.

Thus a man is painted, rug and ceiling,

in gilded emotion as if embossed -

His soul is bolder for gaudy feeling;

his heart is art for having loved and lost.

The stale grey-scale world would have him duller -

Paint the town: love him in technicolour. 

If you liked "Peafowl" and would like to read more Bird Sonnets, you can find them all on Instagram at @birdsonnets.

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