Poembox: Pied Wagtail

Niamh Foy takes Poembox with a piece entitled "Pied Wagtail", one of her Bird Sonnets.

Niamh Foy
22nd November 2021

Here, rubber trainers against the asphalt

at five past dark in mused September,

dragging suitcase under the starry vault

that heaven crafted ere I remember,

and flickered still in time, exceeding me, 

age eighteen, clasping the strands marked child,

desperately old, wishing my age free

but sensing my soul as forever wild,

and feeling this was man’s adminicle:

living in the light under numbered days;

and knew that I had reached a pinnacle

since I accepted this in a halfway phase.

My hours sandgrains in an hourglass case,

My brief life merely a liminal space.

If you liked "Pied Wagtail" and would like to read more Bird Sonnets, you can find them all on Instagram at @birdsonnets.

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