Poembox: The Girl Who Gave Herself To The Earth

Anna Carson takes Poembox this week

Anna Carson
12th March 2021

When she is ready she has faith that she will know,

She'll lace up her shoes and to the forest will go,

Then she'll walk through the woods and find a hidden spot,

Where life did once live, before the whole world forgot.

She will lie on her back and look up at the leaves,

Since the trees block the sun, leaving the sky unseen,

Her hair will turn to grass and her fingers to weeds,

She will breathe with nature and she will be at peace.

If you go to the forest following her trail,

Aiming to find her, you should know that you will fail,

For the girl that you once knew, oh she is no more;

Given to nature to repent for sins before.

She won't hold on, she will be consumed by the land,

And all that remains is a branch that looks slightly like her hand.

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