Poembox: Whispering March

Aviva Rayne takes Poembox this week with a piece entitled "Whispering March."

Aviva Rayne
10th April 2022

People wonder, why I am awake

Up with the larks swimming in the lake

I say to them I got aged

With much sorrow gained

Now is the time to germinate

And to put in the basket of all attained

Regrets, do not wish to cause

Wish to lead bliss as a source

Hugely wonder if ever

Be spotted like the Queen Esther

Indeed she is fertile

Once she is ploughed worthwhile

Let me again make clear

She is not the woman of a short-lived affair

But no harm either to walk in the air

All failed to think otherwise

Except one, he was wise

First kissed her hand as Lord Byron describes

Hey March, the month of hope

Each and everyone asks you in the world

Hurry up, by new-borns in Mariupol

Your glad tidings are sought

History rewritten, clerks should record

You, the splendid, behold!

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