Point Break (12A)

A remake of Point Break surfs back onto our screens - Simon Ramshaw went to see if it was a wave worth riding

15th February 2016

Most remakes struggle to justify their own existence, but whoever commissioned the remake of Kathryn Bigelow’s 1991 cult classic must have been begging for a Pointless Break pun to be made. So, there you have it, I’ve made it.

Efforts to move away from the original’s surf-centric cheese are evident, with rookie FBI agent Johnny Utah (a low-rent Chris Hemsworth, Luke Bracey) going undercover with a bunch of extreme sport nuts who want to be Robin Hood while completing the fabled Ozaki 8, a series of insanely dangerous stunts that supposedly get you closer to God or nature or some other secret truth of the universe. These (admittedly incredible) include everything that Warner Bros. can possible spend their money on; from BASE-jumping to parachuting into sinkholes to extreme motocross away from avalanches.

"the stunts would be breathtaking if they had any soul"

The scale of the spectacle in this modern take on Point Break often means that the film completely forgets about its own script, and although the globe-trotting antics make the film bigger, it makes progression from point A to B cheap when they work out where the next crime will be committed, etc. Totally undercutting the peril, the stunts would be breathtaking if they had any soul.

Alas, the forced spirituality of the adrenaline junkies is as close to a soul as the film gets. Patrick Swayze’s original Bodhi had a wild-eyed craziness about him, but Edgar Ramirez broods through the pretentious, hippy-dippy mumbo-jumbo about respecting nature (particularly hilarious when he destroys a goddamn mountain), which gets boring very quickly. The film deals exclusively in gap-year philosophy, so if that’s for you, then enjoy getting lost in endless slews of yawnworthy spiritualism.

Director Ericson Core has a more radical name than anything in the film, and although there’s some hilarity to be found in the increasingly-ludicrous stunts, this resuited and rebooted Point Break is dumb, dumb and full of dumb.

Rating: 3/10

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