Post Malone's partner trolled on Instagram

Jamie Mounsey comments on the motives and morals behind fans commenting on celebrities’ relationships

Jamie Mounsey
18th March 2019
Image- Flickr- The Come Up Show

Fans can go over the top a lot of the time. In certain respects, a lot of them don’t realise how much they actually affect the partners of celebrities.

Post Malone, ever since he put the tweet out in 2015 saying “Happy Texas time to the most wonderful thing to ever happen to me Ashlen Nicole Diaz” he has been determined to keep his private life, private - unlike many A-list celebrities.

It was 2016 when Post Malone said on the The Breakfast Club radio show that he and his girlfriend had taken a break because of how tough it is to have a balance between dedicating his life to music and always being in the studio to also then have time for his girlfriend.

It is evident that his girlfriend is shy and strays from much personal social media usage, shown from an Instagram post saying to her followers how much she doesn’t like taking pictures of herself and putting herself out to the world because of her anxiety - which is understandable with Malone being one of the biggest stars in the world, it must be hard to keep a normal relationship.

With the pair having dated for over three years - nothing has ever been made of Post’s girlfriend’s social media, but with fans having found her instagram account - they proceeded to reflect their views on the pair’s somewhat rocky relationship, which was no doubt in response to the reports which had surfaced from November 2018 about whether they are still in a relationship. Post tweeted out his disappointment for what some of the fans had been doing in response to the troll comments made on her social media and to let them live their lives.

It is a crazy world on social media and fans seem to think they have a right to troll star’s partners, it has happened numerous times before and in this case it is evident Post’s partner evidently wants a normal life without being trolled on the internet, whether it be malicious or not.

People should be free to post whatever without the need for trolls and unrelated comments just because you’re a famous star’s girlfriend. Where do we actually draw the line at what is acceptable?

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