Prague in less than 100 hours

How to do Prague if you're short of time, according to Sarah Hutchinson

Sarah Hutchinson
27th October 2018
Image: Anthony Delanoix

If you’ve got a good pair of legs you’ll be able to experience the best of the city, even in less than 100 hours.

Day 1: There’s always time for street food at Wenceslas Square( hot dogs, burgers, waffles, chips) and a quick look around the hub of high end shops, pubs and supermarkets, whatever time you arrive in Prague.

Day 2: The Prague Gallery of Art, the Communist museum and a couple of churches all showed Prague’s cultural richness.

Me and my 4 friends visited during the World Cup. We stumbled across The Lion and Ball, an English bar packed with England supporters creating a great atmosphere. The night was completed by visiting Karlovy Lazne, a 5 floor club which could even rival a Digi Monday (maybe).

Day 3: After climbing what felt like Kilimanjaro, we arrived at Letna Park. The park is ideal for eating/napping/photoshoots/water fights. At night time we went to Jazz Republic, a small venue with strong cocktails and live jazz bands, as well as some drunk, dancing revellers.

Day 4: The John Lennon wall is covered with graffiti depicting messages of love, peace, and the most important message of all: it’s coming home (for summer 2018 anyway). And of course, a Prague visit wouldn't be completed without writing yours and your friends name on the wall. As it was boiling that day, we allowed ourselves some cooling down when we saw a fountain, however, I speak from experience when I say that walking miles around the city whilst wearing soaked clothes is not the epitome of fun.

Day 5: This day was a rather quiet day as we got in from Karlovy Lazne at 5 in the morning, and any student knows that it’s been a good night when you go to bed at the same time as the sun is rising. This marked the end to our travels and the perfect timing to go to sleep for about a week.

A quick 5 day trip to Prague is more than enough to visit what you want to visit and eat what you want to eat!

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