Precautions to protect your party

No-one likes a party to end early or even worse end up with a noise complaint, Amanda Jane Yap has saved you by giving you her best tips to keep the party out of trouble

13th March 2017

Woe to those rsidents staying around you, if you are part of the Jesmond party crew who habitually have to have loud, heart-thumping and head-banging music during your fortnightly house parties. With greater surveillance until 5am every Friday and Saturday by Operation Oaks Police Officers, it is possible that your parties will be disbanded even before the fun officially starts. However, we all like to push the limits, don’t we? Parties is probably the only avenue to unleash accumulated stress over the week and the City Centre is just too far away.

1. Install thick pleated sound-absorbing curtains

I don’t suppose your landlord would consent to investing in good pleated thick sound-absorbing curtains if you say that you need them for house parties. However, if it means that much to your flat, your entire flat could chip in to the cost. When it’s time to move out, the curtains can either go with you or it can serve as a present for the new tenants to encourage them to carry on that legacy of legendary house parties. Though sound-absorbing pleated curtains muffles noises up to two or three times, it is still handy to check from the outside that the party music is not blaring into your neighbours’ house.

“With greater surveillance until 5am every Friday and is possible that your parites will be disbanded even before the fun officially starts”

2. Assign a Lookout at House Parties

Forever and always living on a student budget, so thick sound-absorbing curtains are a luxury that is unaffordable until a decent-paying job comes along. By that time, you would be too busy and tired from working a 9-to-5 job that house parties would be a thing of the past. Nonetheless, being resourceful, you can delegate or roster a person to keep a lookout whenever house parties are in full swing. This person will stand guard by the front door, and look out occasionally for signs ie. Police patrolling outside, neighbours looking out of their windows into your house that your party disturbances are too much too handle. Only this person has the authority to lower the music volume which is by far out of bounds to random visitors.

3. Give up and make a trip to Sinners or Tiger Tiger

You have been given dirty looks by your neighbours and the police has already been on your case during the past two occasions, one more visit from them and your entire flat might just go to jail. Just give up and make a trip downtown to one of Newcastle clubs and let loose, there is a reason why Newcastle’s night life is one of the best in the United Kingdom. At least you know that you won’t have to bother about random neighbours knocking on your door, yelling at you to ‘keep it down because we all need to sleep’.

“Clear the rubbish, wash their cars... the more good deeds you do, they might just be won over”

4. Be a good neighbour in the day

Party hard all night and make it up to your neighbours in the day to pacify them. Be the exemplary neighbour in your street, help your neighbours clear their rubbish, water their bonsai and potted plants, wash their car or bake them your special banana-chocolate chip muffins even if you have to. Smile at them even if they grumble about your night activities. The more good deeds you do, they might, just probably be won over by your endearing acts and hesitate a whole 15 minutes before calling the police.

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