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One of our writers discusses their predictions for the future.

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14th June 2022
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During the year 2020. The term ‘unprecedented times’ came to the fore, annoyingly depicting the destruction COVID had delivered.

But as annoying as hearing this has been, it’s affected the way we’ve reflected on the past, considered the present, and looked to the future,

And concerning the future of campus, things will no doubt be different as a result of this. I think we’ll see a lot of leniency: university will become a bit more welcoming due to how difficult things have been.

I think we'll see a lot of leniency: university will become a bit more welcoming due to how difficult things have been

Extra care will be taken when holding the likes of induction events, moving in, finding your way around. This is pretty much the least universities could do – it’s an easy attitude of spread for we’ve all been affected by this virus.

Another thing I certainly cannot see coming is, unfortunately for me and those who started in 2019 or 2020, no refunds - no recompense for the year ruined by covid.

We won’t ever see financial leeway. Worse yet, for university students past, present and future, with the cost of living rising, so will tuition fees. So, all in all, lots to look forward to!

Mary Chude

What is the future of Newcastle University?

In 1981, David Wallechinsky, Amy Wallace and Irving Wallace published The Book of Predictions, a compilation of predictions by various scientists, politicians and other people who make random guesses about the future. In this special magazine edition of The Courier, I aim to make the same sorts of predictions as Head of Current Affairs.

10 years from now

  • Students will have successfully advocated for more water fountains on campus.
  • The University’s efforts at being a hedgehog-friendly campus will pay off and there will be a massive increase in hedgehog population numbers. They will often be found sneaking into the Co-op to eat food scraps and sleeping under shelves in the Robinson Library.
  • Part of at least one television programme or feature film will be filmed on campus.

15 years from now

  • The hedgehogs will start moving into Castle Leazes and will be found scurrying around the hallways at night.
  • Improvements will have been made to grading and feedback.
  • We will have switched from Canvas to something even worse.
  • Professors will be paid slightly more, but still not enough.

20 years from now

  • Each campus building will have a frog pond. As a result, students will have to watch where they are stepping when it rains.
  • There will be a lot of controversy over whether students with flying cars should get special parking spaces, especially near Castle Leazes and Park View.
  • There will be beehives on top of buildings besides the USB.

50 years from now

  • The University will continue to prioritize Silicon-Valley-type startups over any meaningful engagement with environmental issues.
  • The Vice-Chancellor of the University will be a famous YouTuber.
  • Whatever comes after the thing that comes after Canvas is even worse.
  • Every building has beehives. Bee afraid.

100 years from now

  • Online versions of University buildings will be built in virtual reality and will exist in the fourth dimension as well.
  • To demonstrate their commitment to the environment, the University will host a virtual tree planting, in which the Vice-Chancellor, another famous YouTuber, will plant a virtual tree on the virtual campus in virtual reality.
  • The virtual reality will be kind of neat and make things more accessible, so it’s not all bad.

200 years from now

  • Replicas of the Clasp and the ballerina statue will be created in virtual reality for their “historical importance”.
  • There will be entire communities of hedgehogs living in libraries, lecture halls and classrooms, living alongside students.
  • The Robinson Library will have a new wing, dedicated to the history of memes.

Elizabeth Meade

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