Preview: Enola Holmes

Arnojya Shree investigates the recent trailer for Netflix's Enola Holmes

Arnojya Shree
9th September 2020
"Sherlock but make it…a girl and better," said Springer and boy, what a ride the trailer appears to be. The new Netflix film is a culmination of the Nancy Springer series centring upon the protagonist Enola Holmes, the teenage sister of famous detectives Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes.

Enola is introduced to the audience as a speeding young lady on a bicycle with hair blown wildly by the wind. With a description of the mysterious relationship of her name with the word "alone", the audience is straightaway made aware of her chatty, bubbly personality - which as a Sherlock fan would appear as the most non-Sherlocky thing ever to exist in this detective franchise.

Two peas in a pod, Enola and her mother are, as Mycroft points out, "wild" and a little too odd for Victorian English society, yet inseparable. Their mother, however, has disappeared one morning, leaving behind clues for Enola, which she must pick up on to find her. In the process, the Holmes brothers would rather have Enola sent to a boarding school to fashion her into a proper woman. The film follows Enola as she tries to dodge her brothers, solve mysteries and find her mother.

Henry Cavill's popularity recently soared with fellow Netflix book adaptation The Witcher
Credit: IMDb

The film, an adaptation of the eponymous book series, looks rather exciting where something is always afoot. There's never a dull moment in the Holmes' household. In its adventurous glory, the trailer appears to give away a bit more than they might have expected to. Yet, with a star-studded cast, the film makes a brilliant move by compiling recent fan favourites, such as Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill (as well as Helena Bonham Carter, Adeel Akhtar and Sam Claflin); nonetheless, saving the mysterious charm of the plot.

The film, which will release on 23rd September on Netflix, has been swarmed in controversies after the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Estate filed a lawsuit against Netflix in June 2020. The complaint outlines that the film infringes on the copyright as it portrays Sherlock Holmes as an emotional character, which is not a feature of the original storyline and thus, stands in complete opposition. A creative mess or not, the film releasing towards the end of September is definitely a perfect way to end the summer months with a blast.

Featured Image: IMDB

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