Preview: Gossip Girl Reboot

Are you ready to return to the Upper East Side? Sophie McNally voices her opinions about the reboot.

Sophie McNally
23rd May 2021
Credit: IMDb
In July 2019, HBO Max broke the news that the infamous Gossip Girl teen drama would soon be returning to our screens with a brand new cast. Ever since, fans have expressed both excitement and concerns for the return of the Upper East Side, with a surge of online hype over all of the social media platforms.

Though uncertainty and delays due to the coronavirus have left Gossip Girl devotees anxiously waiting for the reboot, filming has gone ahead relatively smoothly since March 2020. HBO Max has also promised a release date sometime this year.

Revealing social media posts have amped up the excitement so far, with the TV show's Instagram and Twitter accounts simultaneously posting since late 2020. Their first post being a blacked out screen with white text in the famous style of Gossip Girl’s elusive text messages and social media updates, stating:

“You know, it’s who’s on the inside that counts”.

Since then, the social media accounts have showcased the new cast, hinting at the social groupings, potential rivalries, and incoming love affairs amongst the new cliques. However, with the show nearing 9 years since its final episode (December 2012), fans can’t help but wonder: will any of the previous cast return? Better yet, will a new generation of "Gossip Girls" spawn from the legendary bloodline of the Van der Woodsen and Waldorf predecessors? 

Gossip Girl has released a statement on the new series, revealing that: 

“Eight years after the original website went dark, a new generation of New York private school teens are introduced to the social surveillance of Gossip Girl”. 

I believe we can expect big things from this reboot

The little information we have is certainly on-brand with quintessential Gossip Girl cryptic compulsions. But, I believe we can expect big things from this reboot. The foundations of the show have been altered to just the right amount. We have a breath of fresh air (in both cast and high school melodrama) draped in the same iconic uniform. 

Similar drama series are taking the same route in their own revival, with spin-offs like Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. Although, I really can't see the same potential. Gossip Girl attained the envied position any series dreams of ending on, with a shocking finale leaving viewers desperate for more. This alongside a long enough time gap, between the original and reboot, has orchestrated the perfect conditions for the reboot to soar in ratings and viewership.

Images of the filming process have been leaked online. Credit: IMDb, 2021 Bauer-Griffin.

Admittedly I'm fearful it could ruin the charm of the original wonder that was Gossip Girl. The bar is certainly set high for anyone to match the cast dynamic and dramatic plot lines. But I'm hopeful it'll pull through. The much-improved cast diversity is just one facet of the reboot that looks really promising in giving the show a new lease of life.

Ultimately though, I wish all the best to whichever character has to bear the insurmountable weight of matching the silky "I'm Chuck Bass" slogan.

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AUTHOR: Sophie McNally
Courier Fashion sub-editor, and Newcastle History undergraduate

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