Preview: Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

The latest DC Fandome event revealed two new upcoming games featuring some of their most beloved characters

Leo Dawson
18th October 2021
Image: Amazon
This Saturday, the global virtual fan event DC Fandome featured new looks at two highly anticipated DC Comics video games - WB Games Montreal's Gotham Knights and Rocksteady's Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League with both receiving 2022 release dates.
Image: Amazon

Long after the conclusion of the Arkham franchise in 2015, DC Comics video games are set for an explosive return next year with two new ventures into the worlds of the Bat Family and The Suicide Squad. Returning to DC Fandome this year, Rocksteady and WB Games Montreal debuted cinematics for both action-adventure shooter Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League and co-operative, open-world RPG Gotham Knights

Image: Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Twitter

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is a return to the Arkhamverse and focuses on the super-villain team-up of Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang and King Shark going up against DC Comics' most popular superhero team - The Justice League. Widely out of their depth and with their lives and jail time held in the balance by the stonefaced Amanda Waller, this story cinematic showcases the Squad going up against The Flash, Green Lantern and a mind-controlled Superman. Fans are still yet to see any gameplay from Rocksteady's new venture into the world of DC, but from this in-engine story trailer and last year's teaser, we can expect a high-octane Sunset Overdrive-esque shooter that allows use of each Squad member's unique set of skills.

The Court of Owls- Image: CuartoMundo

Confusingly, despite focusing on the death of The Batman and the extensive Bat Family of Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin - Gotham Knights does not take place within the Arkhamverse. Instead, this co-operative RPG takes place in its own continuity with the Bat Family taking on The Court of Owls, a secret super-villain society of Gotham City socialites and their ultra-violent team of assassins known as Talons.

Making full use of the Bat Family's unique abilities, from Red Hood's dual-wielded handguns to Nightwing's acrobatic hand-to-hand combat and more, players will take on different types of Talons in the open world of Gotham City with the trailer teasing heavy and scout-type opponents. This story cinematic also introduced The Penguin as a major player in the story, informing the Bat Family on the Court of Owl's history, joining Mr Freeze as confirmed members of the recently deceased Batman's Rogues Gallery set to appear in the game.

It is slightly disappointing that we have not seen any updated gameplay from Gotham Knights since its debut last year or any gameplay at all for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. However with both games receiving 2022 release dates, it is highly likely that we will be seeing more from both WB Games Montreal and Rocksteady very soon.

Delayed from their original 2021 release, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League will release on PS5, Xbox X|S and PC. Gotham Knights will receive a cross-generational release.

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