Preview: Mario Party Superstars - The Ultimate Party Collection

Mario Party is back with its second installment on the Nintendo Switch!

Joseph Caddick
21st October 2021
Image: Nintendo
After years of experimenting with controversial gimmicks, Mario Party Superstars looks to be a return to form, bringing back a lot of older mechanics, minigames and boards.
Image: NintendoBlast

5 boards have currently been announced, and they’re all returnees from the Nintendo 64 Mario Party games, the first three in the series. Peach’s Birthday Cake and Yoshi’s Tropical Island come from the first game, Space Land and Horror Land from the second and Woody Woods is the only board from Mario Party 3 revealed to return. There is speculation that a 6th unlockable board from the third game will be present so that each game has 2 stages, but it’s not confirmed at this stage.

Image: Amazon

Thankfully, the minigame selection pulls from not just the N64 games, but every Mario Party from 1 to 10 (sadly, ignoring Mario Party DS). With a lot of popular classics making their return, and some coming back from Mario Party: The Top 100, it looks like there’s going to be plenty of minigame options on the table.

Compared to the larger roster from Super Mario Party, it looks like Superstars is returning to a more basic roster with the usual suspects (Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Wario, Waluigi and Yoshi), as well as Rosalina, Donkey Kong, and the return of a playable Birdo. Again, there could possibly be unlockables, but enemies like Dry Bones and Monty Mole may unfortunately not be invited to the party this time.

It’s clear that Superstars is based on the engine from Super Mario Party, with many similarities in the interface, and a lot of reused animations. However, Dice Blocks now let you move 1-10 spaces rather than the reduced 1-6 in Super Mario Party, and the main gimmicks of the previous game – character-specific Dice Blocks and Allies – both appear to have been removed to maintain that classic Mario Party feel.

Mario Party Superstars comes out on October 29th, are you ready to (Mario) party?

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