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Argyris Papadimitropoulos's new film might be the only Monday we like this year.

Rebecca Sykes
30th March 2021
Image Credits: IMDb
Director Argyris Papadimitropoulos’ fourth feature, Monday, boasts the leads of Sebastian Stan and Denise Gough as two Americans in Athens who have a sizzling weekend fling that turns into something more.

Following on from Papadimitropoulos’ feature Suntan (2017), the romantic drama is also set in Athens, Greece with a trailer suggesting nudity, motorbikes, and a lot of beach party kissing. Although, the trailer for Monday hopefully promises a different movie that’s light-hearted, fun, and romantic. There’s a lot of kissing in the trailer. A lot.

Image Credit: IMDb

Stan (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier) plays Mickey, the male romantic lead who is viewed as childishly immature, yet hopelessly in love with Chloe. Gough (People, Places and Things) portrays Chloe, the female romantic lead willing to give up her high-flying job to explore her love for Mickey. The chemistry between the actors sparks from the trailer, spelling out love and the compulsory problems that hit potential romantic couples in a movie. It’s also pleasantly surprising to see two romantic leads at similar ages with Stan at 38 and Gough at 41, instead of the younger woman (something Papadimitropoulos did with Suntan). The Hollywood Reporter describes “The two principal actors [as performing] with fierce commitment and intensity”

The trailer begins with both characters drowsily waking up together on a beach after a one-night stand, showing viewers that Papadimitropoulos, Stan, and Gough aren’t afraid of nudity. Next, a funny shot of Mickey introducing himself to Chloe whilst both of them are in handcuffs in the back of a police vehicle. It’s an endearing scene that gets across the aftermath of a chaotic night, and a Mickey who doesn’t take himself too seriously against a more self-conscious Chloe.  

There are hints at the obligatory romantic movie airport scene where Mickey is held back whilst shouting Chloe’s name, and a few cute motorbike scenes, where Papadimitropoulos has clearly made the most of Stan’s many Marvel experiences riding motorbikes... Perhaps couples on a motorbike will be a new romantic movie trope?!

When Monday morning dawns, the couple must make serious decisions about their future. With the trailer suggesting their decision to become roommates has several difficulties, questions arise over whether Mickey and Chloe’s romance will succeed.

Monday releases 16th April in US cinemas, with a UK release likely to follow soon.

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