Preview - The Boss Baby 3: Mommy Marxism

Controversial actor Alec Baldwin is set to reprise his best and most iconic role in this epic conclusion to the trilogy

George Bell
1st April 2022
Credit: Wikimedia Commons, IMDb
Alec Baldwin is back in nappies yet again in the next instalment of this capitalism fuelled joy ride: The Boss Baby 3: Mommy Marxism.

Taking place moments after the ending of Boss Baby 2: Family Business, Alec Baldwin’s titular character is still in fact a baby, but faces a challenge much worse than needing to be burped, the total collapse of the capitalist society he “worked” and oppressed so hard to maintain. Now he must go toe to toe with his own mother, played by Rebel Wilson and Amy Schumer in alternate scenes, and an idealogy that many in Wall Street would consider unthinkable. 

It is clear that CGI hasn't worked for Corden in the past... Credit: IMDb

He is not alone in this vicious battle of attrition as The Boss Baby is joined by a secret twin, Stewie, played by icon and much-loved star James Corden. However, when asked to do voice acting for the role, Corden adamantly refused to state that “the people want to see my face” which leads to one of the more creative risks of the film. While the world and characters of The Boss Baby will retain their iconic animated style, James Corden will remain entirely live-action. 

Surely an intense thrill ride for many, The Boss Baby 3: Mommy Marxism looks to be an epic conclusion to a trilogy that has taken the cinematic world by storm. Following the recent controversy around Alec Baldwin, rumours had it that he was to be replaced by Armie Hammer for this final outing, which we here at The Courier thought would have been a tragedy. To see if there were any grounds for these rumours, a reporter was sent to interview Mr Hammer at his annual barbeque event but no comment was given at the time. We will give more details when we have them, like the whereabouts of that reporter.

The Boss Baby 3: Mommy Marxism is coming to a cinema near you on February 30th 2023.

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